About Us

The software will fit the costumer and not the costumer fit the software.

Who chooses AlbaSoft as its supplier of personalized computing programs will have the option to request a free estimate and a technological consultancy on the grid system. So you will be able to evaluate the quality level of your next program.

To believe in a software house where all its members have a western computer science culture and experience is not a factor to be underestimated. We work with technologies and programming methods of the most popular and efficient in the world. AlbaSoft is the first software house in Albania proper, where our only goal is to build a more qualitative system to facilitate and assist our client in its activities.

As experience shows us is a smart solution to address a specialized software house to build your software and that we are.

Masuring the programming progress by the number of code lines is the same as to measure the progress of aircraft construction by their weight.
Alb@Soft daily writes science and every client that sells presented with the sentence "This software is very easy to use."
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The people


Our Clients

Mobileri Tirana

Construction of the ERP system for production line management, sales and employees.


Construction of the ERP system for managing the import- export of goods and post.

Sallameri Class

Construction of the ERP system for production line management, sales and employees.


Construction of the system based on server-client infrastructure management employees.

Q.T.T.B. Fushë Krujë

Construction of the system based on server-client infrastructure for digitization of maps.

Sunstore Valona

Building Management System schedule meetings, clients and employees.

Universiteti Logos

Construction of ERP system for teaching voice, finance and university lecturers.


Building of online portal for the management of dental clinics and their clients.

Përse të na zgjidhni ne

We have the right tools

Alb@Soft has in its composition of a qualified staff in the West where we can mention Italy, Sweden and Germany. Staff members have scientific degree of PhD (Dr.) defend in Italy. We have collaborations with computer company in Italy and Sweden.

We are effective

We produce products that suit customer requirements by enabling the software's effectiveness is maximized. If the client requires enhancements to functionality of the software we are able to provide them with a high quality in a short time.

We are always ready

Alb@Soft helps you with all of its services at any time that you will need. We find ourselves 24 hours on line by answering all your questions and requests. We are always ready to help you consider your software.